The interior design services provided by us are addressed to people who want to adapt a house layout or a plan for an existing flat to the individual requirements. Our company is characterized by a wide spectrum of activity. We specialize in the contemporary interior design of houses and flats. Our offer prepared by the best interior designers in London is addressed to the residents of London and surrounding towns who want their house or flat to reflect the newest trends in contemporary house design in the UK and the contemporary architecture. Reliability and many years of experience guarantee that our interior design company creates a functional, friendly and contemporary interior for the client. Our London interior designers offer our clients several design options.

We introduce each stage of designing step by step so that you can easily choose the best option for you:


A package addressed to customers who care about the individual design of the functional layout of the house or flat.

The project includes:
  • two or three proposals for functional layouts of the interior (including horizontal projects depicting the layout of the walls, as well as the layout of the kitchen, bathroom and location of the furniture),
  • a functional plan, taking into account relevant details, based on the selected proposal,
  • a plan containing the exact arrangement of electrical, hydraulic and central heating installation points.


The contemporary interior design package created for those who require comprehensive service. It consists of:

  • a proposition of functional layouts of the interior (including horizontal projects depicting the layout of the walls, as well as the layout of the kitchen, bathroom and location of the furniture),
  • a functional plan, taking into account relevant details, based on the selected proposal,
  • professional visualizations prepared using a special graphic program,
  • project for electrical, hydraulic and central heating installation points,
  • arrangement plan of connection points of the basic version of the audio system, intended for the living room,
  • examples of floor designs (taking into account colours and material),
  • ceiling design with all the details,
  • design of the kitchen including the appliances, an exemplary set of kitchen furniture, etc. along with the cost estimation,
  • implementation records included in technical drawings prepared for contractors,
  • lists of exemplary elements of interior furnishings and architectural additions.


It is addressed to clients who want the interior designer to take care of the progress of works within the investment in order to verify whether the implementation is consistent with the project. This offer includes not only services provided as part of a comprehensive project but also visits at the construction site and supervision of the works in progress. Our interior designers meet the crew carrying out finishing works and discuss technical issues with them, which minimizes the risk of error and allows the interior designer to introduce any changes.


Individual pricing - the price of such a service depends on the size of the investment, within which the work will be carried out, its location, as well as the selected scope of cooperation. The turnkey implementation package is intended for the most demanding clients, as it involves taking over full control of the implementation work on behalf of the investor. This is an ideal solution for those who do not want or cannot take part in the implementation process. As part of the turnkey implementation service, we can offer a wide range of control over the progress of works within the investment. In addition, we offer you full supervision over the production of arrangement elements and the supply of furniture and finishing materials. The turnkey option is a great convenience for the client who wants to get satisfactory results without major involvement in the process.

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Depending on the scope of cooperation chosen by the client, we provide the following services:
  • recommendation of appropriate contractors that deal in a comprehensive way with the valuation and subsequent implementation of works in accordance with the concept chosen by the client,
  • coordination of the work schedule guaranteeing that the work goes smoothly, as well as control of the purchase and delivery of materials listed in the list accepted by the client,
  • continuous contact with contractors performing all work, to make possible arrangements and discuss details of the applied technological solutions,
  • regular visits at the investment site in order to control the right pace of work and introduce changes in case of technical problems,
  • coordination, purchase and delivery of furniture, as well as assembly of elements included in the interior design.

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