5 Reasons Slatted Blinds are Better than Curtains

5-reasons-slatted-blinds-are-better-than-curtainsIt’s not uncommon to see modern houses and apartments fitted with window blinds instead of regular old curtains, but why has this trend gained momentum? Many people clearly think slatted blinds are superior to curtains or they wouldn’t be using them, so let’s take a look at five of the big reasons blinds are better.

1. Control Over Light Levels

Curtains basically have two ‘settings’, open and closed. You can have them open just a little to let a small amount of light in, but it’s really not an ideal solution and it will leave the room with very uneven light levels. A blind, by contrast, can be adjusted to let in any amount of light desired. Whether you need to let the sun in to see some delicate work or you want to keep the light down so you can see the television screen, blinds can do that. They can also do everything in between, so if you want a gentle light for an afternoon of reading, it’s a simple matter of a quick adjustment.

2. Lots of Variety

Slatted blinds come in all sorts of makes for all sizes of window. They are manufactured in a wide variety of materials from PVC to wood to metal, and a range of styles as well. Although curtains do come in numerous materials and patterns, they pale in comparison to the customization choices that blinds offer. Consequently blinds can be used in any room, whilst the nature of curtains means they are often quickly damaged in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom where there can be a lot of steam, heat, and splashed water.

3. Easy to Clean

Curtains are very often prone to picking up dirt, dust and fur, and they are heavy things that are difficult to clean. By contrast, slatted blinds are extremely easy to keep clean. They do not retain much dirt to begin with, and what dust they do accumulate can be easily wiped away without even having to take the blinds down from the window. They are also much lighter than typical curtains, so if you do need to take them down it is a much less daunting task.

4. They are Safer

Curtains aren’t all that dangerous in most cases, but there is one exception that is a serious consideration: fire. Curtains are often fire hazards even with the best standards, and the treatments used to reduce their flammability can carry their own risks, such as the presence of potentially toxic materials. Blinds, on the other hand, are generally made of materials that are not flammable in the first place and as they tend not to stretch from floor to ceiling, even those ones which can catch fire pose a lesser risk.

5. Blinds are Visually Compact

There is a lower limit to the size a given curtain can be once it’s hung up. You can tie it to one side but it will still be hanging there taking up space at the sides of the window, and in a smaller room this can have a dramatic shrinking effect. Blinds have the opposite effect. They are compact, even sleek objects that remain unobtrusive no matter how much light they are blocking or letting through, helping a room to feel larger and more open.

There are always places where curtains will feel more appropriate than blinds, but for many rooms in many houses, blinds are the best option on offer for a variety of reasons such as the five outlined above.

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