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Our company provides comprehensive architectural, construction and interior design services in London. Our London architects specialize in all sorts of work related to contemporary architecture.

We create projects in the field of:

  • architecture: single-family houses, villas, residences, office buildings;
  • “turnkey” interior arrangements: flats, residences, offices and other kinds of premises;
  • interior and exterior elements: furniture, small architecture;
  • spatial and investment planning.

All projects are prepared comprehensively - we take into account the installations, constructions, necessary formal and legal arrangements, and, above all, building permits. The offer must be preceded by the determination of the project theme and the basic information (scope, size, purpose, location, criteria and requirements).


Undoubtedly, the way we operate differs from the other architectural offices in London - we take responsibility for the project from the beginning to the end, where the final stage is implementation. We work with the best British manufacturers and distributors of construction materials and finishing elements while obtaining hard-to-find products at attractive prices. We create custom solutions that meet every investor's criteria. Thanks to a coherent development, will stand out from the competition. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer you by email, phone or in person at a meeting at the office. We will explain exactly how the order will be implemented, we will present the contract and discuss its sub-sections in detail. We will present an initial schedule of activities and define the entire design and construction process in a timely manner.


hiring an architect in London

1. The first stage of the project is a meeting the client. We determine the theme of the project and its scope. Then we define the priorities of the order, the client's needs and the possible investment budget. During the conversation, we specify the direction in which the concept is to follow - aesthetic preferences, favourite materials, shapes and colours.

2. We start the design work by creating technical documentation, often an inventory of the existing state. In the case of a building project or a set of buildings, these are maps for design purposes, building conditions and connection conditions for utilities. However, in the context of facilities, including existing interiors, we prepare an accurate inventory using a computer model.

3. The architectural concept is the result of previous stages with the presentation of a specific project. All decisions are supported by photorealistic visualizations, technical drawings, material samples, and in some cases - physical models. In addition, a functional analysis will be presented (including personal habits and behaviours). The study also includes a preliminary valuation of the project along with the stages of activities under which the investment will be implemented.

4. The final project. In the case of new buildings or their adaptation/extension, the stage is preceded by a construction project (thanks to which a building permit can be obtained). It is a complementary study, created according to architectural standards, printed in an appropriate number of copies (including one for the client). It contains all technical documentation (including photos of the existing state), full executive design and all cost estimation.

5. Implementation. The entire investment process is carried out under the strict supervision of our London architects. We control the dates of orders, we agree on the entire investment process. The final stage, at the client's request, is the introduction of a cleaning team organized at the end of construction works. The sum of the actions taken affects the above-average quality of completed projects, and consequently the satisfaction of the investor.


  • As a specialist, the architect is able to calculate the project in terms of expectations, needs and financial possibilities of the client.
  • An architect is also a designer with imagination, thanks to which he is able to transform a simple concept into a project that will stand out, but also meet the requirements related to the convenience and functionality of the space.
  • Every project, client and architect is different, so there are no universal solutions or experts for everything and everyone.
We invite you to contact us. Our London architects have years of experience in designing and constructing flats and houses. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge and passion with you, answer all your questions and provide you with your dream home!


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