Property renovation

Our company specializes in design, construction and property renovation in London. As licensed, high-end residential contractors in London, we are proud of our team of top-class specialists in all areas of construction. We have built a strong network of subcontractors, suppliers, realtors, and architects, designers, insurance companies, lawyers and other professionals. We believe that communication is one of the main priorities in terms of efficiency and success.

We are proud and dedicated to what we do, every client and his project, even the smallest one, is treated by us as a priority, we are with you from the very beginning to the very end. We have been operating in the construction and renovation industry for many years. During each implementation, we combine professionalism with continuously developed technologies and contemporary trends.

  • We support clients at the design stage so that they are fully satisfied with the decisions made.
  • We pay great attention to the QUALITY of the workmanship.
  • We use only professional tools and materials from recognized brands and manufacturers, which significantly contributes to the durability of the order.
  • We execute orders for individual clients as well as for companies or other organizations.
  • We adjust our work to your needs, deadlines and possibilities, and we guarantee satisfaction.
  • We provide a personalized property renovation in London, tailored to the needs and lifestyle of every household member.


For many years our company has been successfully dealing with all sorts of construction works and property renovation in London and the area. Since the beginning, we have completed a great number of renovations of flats and houses throughout the city and suburbs. Thus, working with some of the most friendly and the most ingenious homeowners in London, we were involved in many different house remodelling and renovation projects. In fact, we think that everything you dream about when it comes to your home, our company of high-end residential contractors in London can provide. Starting with small adjustments, to kitchen remodelling and basement renovations and spa bathroom repairs, we create non-standard spaces that reflect the unique style and functional requirements of each client.


property renovation

We start every project with a conversation with the prospective client. You’ll meet our professional construction manager who’ll try to understand and investigate what you want to achieve. During this meeting, we will learn about the existing architectural style of your house or flat, understand the division of your living space and help you determine what we can and cannot achieve and at what price.


This meeting is a very good opportunity to cooperate with a renovation expert and share your ideas, starting with all the "must-haves" and small details that will make your home a reflection of yourself. Our company will focus on getting to know you and clearly communicating the unique remodelling process so that you can make a well thought-out and informed decision. We know that a commitment to renovating your home is a big undertaking and you need answers to your questions. We believe that it is our job to make sure that you are fully aware of all details of the project before starting the work.


Our company provides detailed specifications of every each project, thanks to which you know exactly what is included in the of the house/flat renovation plan. Every detail is clearly discussed and explained. To achieve this, we will guide you through every step of the way and provide drawings and visualizations that will help you imagine how your project will eventually be created.


During the construction process, we make sure that everything is accounted for and implemented. Starting with the design and planning to the final product, including our long-term guarantees, we provide the exact plan and path to get there. As a result, the renovation process becomes more predictable and minimizes surprises. We also provide an attractive offer of home furnishings both in terms of design and materials used. Before starting the contract, we prepare, in cooperation with the architect, an individual design and visualization of the interior, which allows you to make the necessary corrections to get 100 per cent satisfaction.


We are a group of residential interior designers in London who create interior designs for most demanding clients.

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Our London construction company specializes mainly in building houses and offices.

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Our London architects specialize in all sorts of work related to contemporary architecture.

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